“Clutton’s unbound creativity, amiability and taste glint off his fingertips everytime he touches his grandly weathered double bass… a man I suspect of being the finest musician in Toronto.”
-Carl Wilson, Globe and Mail

“Classically trained bassist Rob Clutton has been lending his superb talents to Toronto's jazz scene since his calluses developed. Dubious Pleasures, his debut for esteemed local avant-garde label Rat-Drifting and third solo album overall, finds Clutton running the gamut of his stylistic range. From the almost-standard jazz scaling of "Taken Over by the Hounds of Reason," "Formal Garden" and "Cloak" to the twisted transformation of his double bass into a wind instrument on "How Big Are the Dots" to the bow-produced squeals of "Mr. Taciturn" and epic, droning album closer "Pond," Clutton exercises his exemplary skills as a gifted player to their absolute fullest, producing an intense experience from start to finish. And my, the sustain…”
-Kevin Hainey, Eye Magazine